What are the odds?

Last night, just a few hours after my last post, my sister-in-law (Rachel) asked me if we could keep an eye on her animals while she, and my brother-in-law (Chace) are out of town (today through Saturday evening).

I kid you not.

This raises the current number of family pets in our care to: 12 dogs (including Meeka), 11 cats, 1 horse, and a Partridge in a pear tree. Okay, so I was just kidding about the Partridge, but the rest is 100% factual truth. With yesterday’s add-ons, the grand total is 24 pets from a four separate families (including our own).

Do you think maybe the Universe is trying to send me some sort of message? Maybe, “you should become a Vet, or “you should open your own kennel,” or “you should take up a Superhero gig similar to Mighty Dog and/or Catwoman on the weekends?”

Okay, I’ll admit, maybe I haven’t quite determined the specific details of the message yet, but given the “too coincidental to actually be a coincidence” nature of the last few days, it seems highly possible. 

Who let the dogs out?

As July comes to a close, and August beats on the door ready to make it’s entrance, families bolt out of town, for one last vacation with the kids before school resumes later in the month. That said, those of us who remained at home (i.e. me and G), are left with the task of tending to the family pets they left behind. My sister (Erica) and her family, and G’s brother (Tanner) and his family, are both gone. In total, we’re tending to 10 dogs, and 7 cats (Tanner’s dog and cat just had puppies and kittens respectively). If that’s not a recipe for insanity, chaos and (quite possibly) bedlam, I don’t know what is.  

Girl X